Wednesday, 22 June 2016


Carl's Jnr Experience

I won't lie, the first time i saw the construction gates with the Carl's logo all over them, my stomach rumbled. "It's gonna get messy" embedded into my mind. The anticipation for the first ever Carl's Jnr. joint in Australia was intense. Seeing this giant construction grow everyday just made me more curious. Then, one magical day, they were finally open. There was a decent line up from the night before, where people were literally camped out the front of the restaurant. The first few people got free Carls Jnr for a whole year. Unlimited burgers, chips, drink? No, just one meal a week from Carl's. I guess it's still a pretty good deal. Not worth lining up for hours in the cold for though.

After driving past nearly every day and seeing that the drive-thru ordering always had a huge line, and always full of people, you can imagine my excitement when i saw it empty for the first time. I grabbed my boyfriend Dan and we headed off to try the famous fast food for the first time ever

At first glance the menu was overwhelming and we sat there looking at it for around 5 minutes or so before finally ordering our meals. I ordered The Big Carl in a large combo (which includes large chips, large drink of choice and the burger). Dan ordered a Western Bacon Burger in a large combo. Now when you hear the title "The Big Carl" you can only have high expectations. The burger is literally named after the restaurant. We sat in the drive thru bay for around 8 minutes or so before receiving our food, before heading to our local beach to enjoy the taking of our Carl's Jnr virginity. 

Only, it was the exact opposite of enjoyment for myself. I don't think I have ever been that let down in my life. Un-packaging my burger, to reveal to bread buns stuck together? No cheese glooping down the sides? No lettuce onion or literally any ingredient that was apparently in the burger was is sight. I opened up the top lid of my burger, only to be faced with one tiny meat patty, that honestly looked like it had been cremated and re modeled. A single piece of onion sat a top this cremated piece of shit, as well as like 4 pickles and a giant dollop of tomato sauce. Reluctantly, i decided to bite into it. The taste of this burger can only be described as a cheeseburger. A cheeseburger that had been stripped of its cheesy goodness, put through the washing machine and served in some plastic. That's it. Meanwhile Dan is totally loving his Western Bacon Burger and all i can smell is bbq sauce. This kinda made me feel worse about my meal all together since he was chuffed with his. The chips were a similar scenario.

Ok so maybe I was already put off by the burger so i had little expectations for these chips. They were pretty dry and un-salted. They tasted like old hash browns. They had the peel on them still for god sake. As for the large cokes Dan & I had, they were more like a couple of mouth fulls and slushied ice in the cup. I love slushies don't get me wrong! But seriously, if i wanted a slushie i would order one. It turned to ice chunks as soon as you drank the teaspoon of coke in your large cup. Also, I'm going to complain some more, because the cup lids, were so flimsy. each time you like move the cup, the lid would pop off. And god forbid you accidentally pick it up by the lid because it WILL pop off while a cup of coke is in the air, smash back down and make everything you love sticky.

So after my first experience, i was furious. I thought i would never go there again. I didn't rate it at all. But then, something happened. Something changed in that restaurant. Now, maybe there was a reason the drive-thru was empty. Maybe there as a trainee cook or a terrible chef on shift when i chose to go. My attitude for Carl's Jnr changed forever the day I sucked it up and tried Carl's Jnr. Give them one more chance to impress me. All I can say is, I'm impressed.

I asked for a minute in the once again empty drive thru of Carl's Jnr. Somehow the same setting as my first experience, never the less, I focused on the menu like an anthropologist would focus on bone fractures. A 1/3lb guacamole bacon burger in a large combo with coke. That's it. If someone asked me what the meaning of life was, I would tell them A 1/3lb guacamole bacon burger in a large combo with coke. Once i discovered that burger, I discovered happiness. If I was to be serious for a moment i would have to say the burger was pretty big. Heaps of fresh, juicy bacon over a 1/3lb patty of beef. Meanwhile there's this salsa sauce all over it mixed with guacamole. Guacamole that's on top of onion, that's on top of melted, gooey, heavenly cheese. All put together in a fluffy toasted bun. 

The drinks got better when i discovered the ice cream shakes. The oreo ice cream shakes to be precise. I swear i had 3 in one week. Absoloutely phenominal. The chips are officially saltier, hotter and just devine. I must say, Carl's jnr wasn't my favourite to start with but now. I do, and i will continue to recommend them. The friendly staff delivers the best customer service. The food is fine restaurant quality. I know everyone has their own opinions of Carl's Jnr so I'll let whoever decide for themselves. I'm just saying, I love it.

Bon Appetit,


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