Wednesday, 22 June 2016


Feral Camel's in Australia

If you were like me and had no idea about the population of camels in Australia, then this is for you. I promise, only last night in my room, did the topic of camel's come up between Dan & I. He told me there were a lot of camel's in the deserts we have here. I didn't believe him so I googled Australian Feral Camels.

Two species of camel made up a population of around 1 million feral camels’ in 2008. Imported from British India & Afghanistan during the 19th century for transport, the species called dromedaries and even some Bactrian camels were used for construction during the colonisation of the central and western parts of Australia. There are literally just camels?! Wild feral camels. People would actually just let them escape when they were finished with them. They used them and let them go free to do whatever they wanted. It's crazy.

The first camel, Harry, arrived in Aus. in 1840. There as supposedly more camels imported, but all but Harry died on the voyage. An inland exploration by pastoralist and explorer John Ainsworth Horrocks. Anyway, He rode Harry all the way around to find some agricultural land. So Harry was just taking a break, like any innocent camel would, however John was loading his gun and preparing to shoot a bird he had in his sight. Harry moved his knee and bumped John which caused some broken fingers and crushed a row of teeth somehow. This happened on September 1st and John died September 23rd after requesting that Harry was shot. Harry lived on. I hope...

Out of all countries that come to your mind when you think about the largest feral camel population in the world, would you believe me if I told you that Australia is the only country with feral herds of camels. Therefore, automatically having the largest population in the world. The only camels exhibiting wild behaviour exist only in Australia. The exact population of wild camels in Australia is still unknown.

Now I'm a big supporter of the Earth we live in and the conservation side of living. I don't agree with culling species of any sort. Except certain species of humans like rapists and paedophiles, you know? Anyway, camel culling is a thing. In 2013, the estimate was 600,000 prior to the first culling, down to 300,000 after culling. Increasing 10% per year. Okay so maybe after a camel herd spends a day at a watering hole they end up making it foul and sure they might destabilize dune crests, which can contribute to erosion, but it's not like they mean it. Or any animal for that matter. I can just imagine a gang of feral camels with leather vests and bandanas on. Deliberately travelling together and occasionally harassing another passing gang. There main mission in life, is to destroy sand dunes and use watering holes as toilets. Bad Ass Camels, coming soon.

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